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Tightrope- Walk the Moon

This video is hella hipster-y, but the song is so goddamn catchy.

I have a soft spot for Walk the Moon.

i NEED this.

i NEED this.

The Family - Attack Attack!

This Means War (2012)

I’m thinking I want to take this in to next week’s lesson. I love this opening, but I just haven’t found a good way to jump into it.

Even if you’re not into heavy music, take a little bit to appreciate the opening 22 seconds of this song.

Vain Star
New Grounds

Vain Star - by cycerin

Used by New Grounds in the game Castle Crashers; Boss battle with Cyclops



What people call “metal” these days is ridiculous. I’ll be listneing to a song, right. And I’ll be nodding my head to some really fucking good melody and great guitar and such solid drumming. And then the quote-unquote-singing starts. And I just want to punch everyone in the fucking head. Nobody wants to listen to you fracturing your larynx for three minutes, asscunt. It literally resembles the sound of someone shitting all over my dick. Learn to fucking sing and stop ruining every goddamned song you touch.

It actually makes me angry that people ruin such great melody with such shitty “vocals”. You sound like Bigfoot having multiple orgasms.

I’m half and half with you on this. And I’d refrain from using “these days,” screaming in metal started ages ago. In my opinion certain styles of screams ruin a song, for me it’s when you can make out what the actual syllables are, hence the words are lost. Metal should be heavy, and often screams are the only way to match that intensity vocally, though not always. There is metal with just clean vocals and no screams just for people like you. But the vast majority of metal has screams because an enormous amount of people like to listen to guys (or girls) destroy their vocal chords for minutes at a time.

I listen to mostly core music (metalcore - hardcore) and the screaming styles are way different than “metal”. What exactly were you listening to?

Boom! Guess what came in the mail today!

Boom! Guess what came in the mail today!

This Means War!

Attack Attack!’s new album is coming out in 8 days! I pre-ordered it last night, so excited. I “used Christmas money” because I wanted an excuse to splurge and get one of the bundles. I’ll be getting a sweatshirt, poster, and wristband along with the album. Mostly I just wanted the sweatshirt; it’s pretty cool and I could always use another hoodie.